Capital Structureassignment Overviewmake Sure

Capital Structureassignment Overviewmake Sure


Make sure to thoroughly review the required background readings and work through both the concepts and the computational examples. The videos on computing NPV and IRR using Excel along with the sample spreadsheet should also help. If you are unable to figure out how to make the computations in Excel, then you can get partial credit by computing the answers using a calculator and thoroughly explaining your steps. For conceptual questions, make sure to thoroughly explain the reasoning for your answers and to use references from the required background readings.

Case Assignment


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Telehealth Administrative Case Study

Telehealth Administrative Case Study

What new processes are needed to successfully develop and implement a home care telehealth program for high-risk cardiac patients?

Refer to the syllabus for submission requirements. Please remember the following:

  • Place all written assignments in CANVAS only, no later than the date specified in each assignment. Late assignments will not be accepted unless prior permission has been provided.
  • Submit writing assignment only in a word document as “docx” document only; do not send PDF files. These files will not be graded.
  • The telehealth administrative case study assignments must be at least 400 words in length
  • Double-space all the material
  • Do not use a font smaller than 10 and larger than 12 points
  • Write out (label) each question, before answering it including subsection questions (if applicable)
  • Repeat the question you are answering before you answer the question, including subsection questions
  • You must cite all reference material including the textbook, using the APA method only. This means citing within the work and including reference(s) at the end of your work. You must include the pagenumber of the textbook material. Please note if all the information required to complete the APA method is unavailable, students should simply cite the title of the article and the date the article is posted.
  • Answer the question(s) at a critical level, not just recitation of facts from the case study
  • Submit grammatically correct answers only; every writing assignment is an English exam; grammar, spelling and sentence structure will be included in grading your answers.

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Last Approximately 5 Minutes

Last Approximately 5 Minutes


For this assessment, you are to once again imagine yourself a dietitian. This time you have been invited to one of the local nursing homes to do a presentation for the residents. You have been given 5 minutes for the presentation, after which you will answer questions from the staff and residents, as well as any family members who are present. This presentation can be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or a video, and must include the following elements:

  • Provide the elderly residents with some tips about proper nutrition
  • Suggest some things they should  include in their diet and their lifestyle to maintain health and function
  • Share  some common pitfalls they should avoid
  • Include and reference at least one external source in your presentation
  • The presentation should last approximately 5 minutes
  • Submit either the PowerPoint presentation or a link to your video.

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Slp Assignment Expectationsthe Minimum

Slp Assignment Expectationsthe Minimum


For purposes of the Module 3 SLP, you are a Strategic Management consultant. Your client is a major competitor in the Amusement Park industry and CEO of Sea World Parks and Entertainment, Incorporated.

Your client has an extensive number of strengths, a solid image, an emerging market share in the industry, excellent cash flow, and a very low long-term debt-to-equity ratio. Because your client’s company is renowned in the industry, the organization has also managed to attract and retain the most talented people working in the industry. Finally, the company’s approach to marketing is second to none. 

While your client is clearly aware of its internal strengths, the organization is still unclear relative to whether the company should pursue a “Grow” (a more aggressive) strategy or a “Hold” (a more passive) strategy.  

  1. Your client has engaged you to do some research on the industry (use IBISWorld and other current publications in the library). In IBISWorld: Amusement Parks in the U.S. (713110, be sure to review the sections: “Industry Questions” and “Industry Issues” in addition to other key information and industry data.
  2. Perform a SWOT Analysis for the company and determine the relative attractiveness of the industry as a whole.
  3. Using the G.E./McKinsey Matrix, decide whether your client should pursue a “Grow” or a “Hold” strategy and discuss recommendations for action.
  4. Finally, use the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters to recommend a grand strategy that your client should pursue. Be sure to justify your choice.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. The minimum length requirement for this Module SLP Assignment is 3 full pages (excluding Title and Reference pages), to include 2 scholarly sources.
  2. Provide an APA-formatted title page. Use the APA 7 Template.
  3. The 3 full pages will include an introduction, body of work with 2 scholarly sources cited to support your work, and a conclusion (that aligns with your purpose statement, summarizes each section, and then wraps up into a final thought).
  4. Provide an APA7-formatted References Page (See APA 7 “References” section at ).

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Human Sociability ” Professor

Human Sociability ” Professor

1. “The Supreme Io and the Creation of the World,” by Maori, and the “Yoruba Creation Narrative,” by the Yuraba people, are similar in the ways how societies believed in higher beings creating everything as well as the existence of something being present before the creation of humans such as bodies of water, higher beings, or land. In “The Supreme Io and the Creation of the World,” the start of the world began already having land, sky, and water. In the “Yoruba Creation Narrative,” the world started with the oceans and nothing else. The two stories differ in the sense of having different higher beings as well as different reasonings behind the creations of humanity and the lands. In “The Supreme Io and the Creation of the World,” states how the birth of human consciousness was created by accident. This accident caused every creation to have a consciousness, however, a wave from the goddess drowned most of the humans. This would explain, for them, why there aren’t so many people in that area. On the other hand, “The Supreme Io and the Creation of the World,” focuses on how the light was first given and humans were simply created. These two stories inform our understanding that humans from the past could think and wonder about the idea that nature was created from higher beings, which is complex thinking that is still done to this day. 

2. In human development, many different cultural aspects popped out such as trade and dance. In the lecture video, “Trade and the Human Experience”, professor Herbst states how trade was an important part of human culture as it helped civilizations grow and connect with neighboring city-states. With this, the advancement of trading techniques and networking was provided. Dance was also a unique cultural aspect that is still past on to this day. Based on the video, “Dance and Human Sociability”, professor Herbst explains that dance was used to release stress and have stronger bonds with people living with each other. Dance was later used for almost any ritual such as to please higher beings. With dance being more used, it slowly intertwined with culture and is known as one of the most cultural aspects for certain groups of people. Based on current times, trade is more important for human development than dance. Dance created stronger bonds with fellow residents and was used to please higher beings. However, trade allowed neighboring city-states to create networks and spread their culture to other city-states. This led to more advancement in both lands and has been passed down to modern times where trade has been simplified into spending money to obtain products. 

3. The agricultural revolution was more beneficial than consequential. In the lecture video, “Video: Agricultural Revolution,” professor Herbst states how there was a surplus of food, in which time was reduced working on food and instead put into the advancement and spread of culture and technology. With the additional advancement of culture, permanent settlements were created because people did not need to move across the lands to gather and hunt for food. However, due to the extensive cultivation of plants and the domestication of large groups of animals, greenhouse gases were being produced, as well as diseases from the cluster of animals. Although the consequences of global warming and the introduction of complex diseases are relevant to today, the agricultural revolution provides modern-day humans a place to call “home” with the inclusion of modern-day technology and diverse but intricate culture to represent who we are. 


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Cloud Vendor Would Best

Cloud Vendor Would Best

Read the three categories of cloud-based services offerings and the “Falcon Security” case study in Chapter 6 in the textbook. Identify the advantages and disadvantages associated with cloud computing, and the definitions of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as service (SaaS), as described throughout the case.  

Write a 750 word paper about which cloud computing service and cloud vendor would best meet Falcon Security’s needs. Include the following in your paper:

  1. Describe which cloud-based solution Falcon Security should consider. Explain why Falcon Security should choose that cloud-based company?
  2. List the advantages and disadvantages of the different categories in relation to Falcon Security and support your decision.
  3. A brief description of the types of service that cloud-based companies provide and justification as to why you would choose that particular vendor? Research different companies (e.g., Research Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or iCloud).
  4. What must Falcon Security examine prior to engaging with a cloud-base vendor? List the advantages and disadvantages of your decision?

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Good Aka Complete

Good Aka Complete

It’s due on Tuesday October 11, end of dayIn the Week 4 folder, please find links to three articles: Tajja Isen, “My Life as a Berenstain Bear,” Nadya Agrawal, “Who Gets to Tell Stories About India and Its People?” Naben Ruthum, “My Second Life as a White Writer.” You will summarize ONE of these articles..This summary follows the same M.O. as summary #1. You want an  accurate summation, with enough  detail in it so that your reader gets a good–aka complete–idea of what your chosen author says, & how those thoughts are conveyed.Your job here–and I repeat this particular bit of instruction from the first summary assignment–is to  represent your author as clearly and as accurately as you can, condensed.Aim to deploy that idea of spatial organization we discussed re Summary #1. You are looking again for that “umbrella idea” under which all of the other details will go. You can’t do that if you opt for strict chronology.Aim for approximately one double-spaced 12pt page, complete.Go a bit longer than that, if you need the space.As per Summary #1, I’m looking for enough clarity in your words so that I can read you; I’m looking also for accuracy, completeness, & concision in your summarization of Phuc. I’m also looking for ‘spatial organization,’ in case you have any doubt. If it doesn’t work out perfectly, and you feel ‘all over the place’….well that’s normal; you’re probably experimenting with a method that’s not quite familiar to you…yet……So, if you want me to check out your draft, or bits of it, before the due date, I will. Keep in mind that I need time to do this….say, 3-4 working days.TamamJacky 


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Casegrand Strategy Selectionassignment Overviewthe

Casegrand Strategy Selectionassignment Overviewthe

Module 3 – CaseGRAND STRATEGY SELECTIONAssignment Overview

The Module 3 Case Assignment requires that you use the various Grand Strategy selection matrices to select the grand strategy (or strategies) that the General Motors Corporation should follow.   

Case Assignment 

List the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for General Motors Corporation using IBIS World (Car & Automobile Manufacturing in the US: 33611A). Search the Navigation Tabs (Competitive Landscape, Major Companies, Industry at a Glance, Industry Performance, and Industry Outlook) to develop your SWOT Analysis. 

Review the SWOT Analysis Diagram (Slide 4 of the Grand Strategy Selection Matrices PowerPoint presentation). In which cell do you believe General Motors belongs? Defend your answer. 

Next, using the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (Slide 7), determine the grand strategy (or grand strategies) that should be pursued by General Motors. Discuss the assumptions you have made in applying the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (i.e., explain why you chose “overcome weaknesses” vs. “maximize strengths” and why you chose “internally directed” vs. “externally directed”). 

Next, apply the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters (Slide 8) to General Motors. Discuss the assumptions you made in applying the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters to General Motors (i.e., rapid vs. slow growth; weak versus strong competitive position). 

Finally, apply the BCG Matrix (Slide 10) to General Motors’ core strategic choices. Again, discuss your assumptions for choosing (e.g., high versus low market share). Is General Motors a Dog, Cash Cow, Star, or Question Mark? 

Compare your results from the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (Step 2), the Model of Grand Strategy Clusters (Step 3), and the BCG Matrix (Step 4). How do your results compare? 

Conclude your written analysis by stating which grand strategy (or strategies) General Motors should follow and why. Defend your answer.


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Course Content Readings Assigned

Course Content Readings Assigned


GG Freightways (GGFRT) IT Strategic Plan, Part 1

Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the “GG Freightways Case Study” and all the course content from Weeks 1 and 2.

Purpose of this Assignment

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the course concepts to begin development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP) to support the strategic direction of GG Freightways (GGFRT). This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to:

· identify, define, and explain the concepts of information technology governance and management

IT Strategic Plan for GG Freightways

Lance, the new CIO at GGFRT, has asked you to write an IT Strategic Plan that he can use to guide the direction for his organization. The ITSP will be developed in two parts. This assignment covers Part 1; Part 2 will be covered in the next class assignment. Together, they will form an ITSP that has been tailored to the course material covered in this class. You may work for an organization that has an ITSP, and it would be a good idea for you to look at it, but it will likely be structured a little differently from this one. Each organization develops an ITSP that will work for them. 


You will develop Part 1 of the ITSP for GG Freightways (GGFRT), using the outline below. Each of the topics to be included in your outline is covered in the course content readings assigned thus far. In addition to the course materials, at least two external resources (resources other than those provided in the class) must be used. Two or more cited references will earn top credit. Use a separate References page to list just the references you have cited. Remember to use the APA formatting rules and correctly cite and reference your sources with APA format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything. 

Please use this outline to build your IT Strategic Plan.  Use the numbering and headings shown below.

Part One

1. Business Statement – Summarize in one paragraph, in your own words, the business of GGFRT. Include the locations of the company/terminals/maintenance facilities, fleet information/details (breakdown), and current/future financial climate/goals (with cost savings). Refer to Case Study.

2. Business Strategic Objectives – In the Case Study, the management team has identified three (3) new strategic objectives.  Using the following table (copy/paste it into your assignment), List/fully state the three (3) objectives, then, in your own words, in full sentences, add a brief explanation to each one.  Next add a new strategic objective of your own – one that you consider important to the current and future health of GGFRT’s business. In the explanation (for the new objective only), it should also add a statement of how the management team would improve the business of GGFRT. It can be one of the three federal/state regulations that the company wants to remain in compliance with, or a new one that you choose.  Write a brief introductory paragraph prior to the table. The paragraph must come first before your table, to explain what the table is providing.

The format below should be used for the presentation of this section:


Business Strategic Objective (BSO)   (enter number 1, 2, 3, 4 only)

Fully State the Objective (from   the case study); for the new objective, it should not discuss IT.

Explanation (in your own words for   each BSO; for the new objective only,   also incorporate how the management team would use the new objective to   improve the business of GGFRT. None   should discuss any relationship to use   of IT








4 (new objective)

3. IT Mission and IT Vision Statements – Write two short paragraphs with separate IT mission and IT vision statements for the Information Technology Department at GGFRT.  Label one “a. IT Mission Statement:” and one “b. IT Vision Statement:”. The format should be:

a. IT Mission Statement: (stated in full sentences)

b. IT Vision Statement: (stated in full sentences)

Use what you learn from the case study to create your own idea for the IT Mission Statement (current IT goals) and use the case study situation at GGFRT to write the IT Vision Statement for the IT department (future IT goals). (These should be general statements from the IT Department’s perspective and not note specific systems being planned for the near, or long-term future and general company operations).

Refer to the course materials on mission and vision, particularly the reading on “Creating a Future Vision for the Chief Information Officer”. If you need help on a mission statement, do a little research on the web; you will find many examples of IT mission statements.

4. IT Governance – Using the course content materials and the case study, describe, following the format below for each section, how the IT governance process should work for GGFRT. Lance wants to engage the other senior leaders, so include: 

a. who the participants are,

b. what each of their roles are on the governance board (why each is a member of the governance body, not their general roles in the company), 

c. what specific governance methodology should be established/justification (i.e. COBIT, ITIL, etc.; documents in various weeks’ content), discussing your choice based on projects/case study

d. what general responsibilities the governance body would have, and 

e. how they would prioritize IT projects to include (1) prioritization tool, (2) general criteria that is being considered for determining project importance, specific systems being planned should not be noted as the priority).

Refer to the course materials on governance, and you should supplement those documents with external research. IT Governance methodologies are covered in Week 5’s course content.

5. Inventory of Current IT Systems – Using the information in the Case Study, you will use the table provided to describe the current systems in use (not the systems being planned or in process of being completed, servers and PCs are hardware, not systems) and the IT resources allocated to their support (these are personnel in the IT Department only as well as equipment that hosts these systems). Copy and complete the table below, creating additional rows as needed to cover all current systems at GGFRT (if needed), then write a brief introductory paragraph prior to the table. The paragraph must come first before your table, to explain what the table is providing. 


Current System



Strategic Goal   aligned to (business strategic objective from part 2 of this assignment; if   compliance noted as business goals were not used, they can still be   incorporated in this table.

Business Unit/


Business   Benefits

IT   Resources only (people, equipment supporting this system)





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Select One One Well

Select One One Well

Select ONE one well-known sport figure (athlete/coach) (could be current, could be historical) who falls into any minority category within any area of oppression.  This figure could be a woman, an African American, an athlete with a disability, a gay football player, an elderly special Olympian, for example.  Write a short biographical paper about this person describing what they have done to pave the way for other minority athletes.  This paper should include a TITLE PAGE, an introductory paragraph that has a strong THESIS statement, 2 pages max in text describing who this person is and what they have accomplished as a minority and describe what makes them a barrier breaker, a conclusion and a REFERENCES page.  This paper must be in APA format.

I choose to work with Althea Gibson. she is the first black woman to win a tennis Grand Slam.


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