read a few articles


The intent of this assignment is to read a few articles on one particular energy area. This first set focuses on petroleum.

You are to download and read the articles, then write a (minimum one page single spaced) for each article. Then write one to two page summary of the three articles.  The summary should be guided by my questions below. You write your article on your own computer, and then upload the document here (on this web page).

There are three articles to read for this review. Your summary should include the following points.

1) Briefly describe the position of each author on the future of petroleum.

2) Describe the points that the authors agree on.

3) Describe the points the authors disagree on.

4) Based upon what you have read, are you very concerned, neutral or confidant about the future of this particular energy source?

Include specific reasons that are documented in these articles.


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