Propose A Correlation Or Regression Study Statistical correlation and regression as described in Cha

Propose A Correlation Or Regression Study

Statistical correlation and regression as described in Chapters 10.1 – 10.3 always inspire a certain degree of fascination because they provide a methodology for prediction. These techniques are not magic (and remember always that correlation is not causation), but in many circumstances useful predictions can be made.

The assignment is to fully describe a situation (not copied from the text or the Internet) where you believe a statistical correlation or regression study using the methods of Chapter 10.1- 10.3 would be of interest and describe the study and how linear correlation or regression would further the aims of the study. Also please leave pertinent comments on the posts of 2 other students.

For this assignment my needs are very simple – no more than a paragraph or two is needed:

Describe the study idea generally but clearly and specify if you will be using correlation or regression.

Describe the sampling plan and the exact paired variables to be measured which should be quantitative. (Using qualitative variables or having more than two variables or trying to compare two or more different samples are common errors).

Describe how you will verify that the requirements for either correlation or regression are met.

Describe the utility of the result (either correlation or regression equation) – i.e. why a successful outcome of the study would be useful. Regression is usually easier.

Comment on other students' posts.

Some tips:

Correlation and regression have popular definitions and statistical definitions. Make sure you are using the statistical definitions in this assignment.

No data or calculations are required.

A simple study is preferred. This course does not cover how you would handle large numbers of variables.

Don't describe a study where you compare two (or more) different groups or samples. That is not covered in this course either.

Please see the Discussion Guidelines (under Resources under Course Home on the left menu) for guidance on how you should prepare your response. Also, while I expect you to learn from other student's submissions, if in my opinion your post too closely resembles another student's I will ask you to revise it.

Enter your discussion response by clicking RESPOND on this post and put your name in the title. You can discuss other students' input by clicking on RESPOND for their posts. If you change your response based on my comments, please be aware that I am not notified automatically when you modify a post, only when you make a new post using Respond, so you will have to let me know of your modification. Also, all responses should be written – not audio or video.



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