please help me set up this regression

Use the regression output below to answer the following questions. a. Which coefficients are statistically significant at the 5% level? b. How much of the variation in the dependent variable is explained by the regression equation? c. Is the regression equation as a whole significant at the 5% level? d. If this is an AVC equation, is it U-shaped? SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.730368 R Square 0.533438 Adjusted R Square 0.440125 Standard Error 154.7038 Observations 13 ANOVA df SS MS F Significance F Regression 2 273637.6 136818.8 5.716679 0.022108 Residual 10 239332.7 23933.27 Total 12 512970.3 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Intercept 4832.007 1229.287 3.930741 0.002817 Q -0.30527 0.133999 -2.27815 0.04593 QSQ 7.23E-06 3.41E-06 2.122731 0.059748


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