Investment Analysis and portfolio management

investment Analysis and portfolio management Create a Microsoft Excel workbook, and download and store the end-of-month prices for your stock for at least the last 30 months, as well as any dividend information. Name this worksheet DATA. 1. Calculate returns. Using your price and dividend information, calculate the monthly returns on the stock on the worksheet DATA. HERE ARE THE PRICES: -Jan-13 11.32 28-Feb-13 11.23 31-Jan-12 7.13 28-Feb-12 7.97 31-Mar-12 9.57 2. Calculate the returns on the market. Select a market index and download the monthly returns for the same period of time that you used for the selected stock. If returns are not available, download the level of the index and any corresponding dividends, and calculate the market's monthly returns using that information. The market returns should also be placed on the worksheet DATA. 3. Plot your data. Create a X-Y scatter plot of your data, with the return on the stock as the vertical axis and the return on the market as the horizontal axis. Name this chart as SCATTER in your workbook and be sure to label the axes . PLEASE CALCULATE THE MONTHLY RETURN AND THE RETURN ON THE MARKET OF BANK OF AMERICA. iT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO THE GRAPH. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ANY ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER. Finance


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