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Financial Questions:

How much do you charge for a nursing paper?

Once you submit your paper, our pricing depends on 4 factors: the paper type, the number of pages, the deadline length, and the academic level.

High School paper with several days before it falls due will cost you more than an urgent Ph.D. paper.

Can I pay after recieving my paper?

Unfortunately, our payment procedure requires that we only start working on a paper the moment we receive payment

The paper deadline begins counting once payment is received.

If you desire to have a look at a few samples of our work, you can chat and request our support team

How can I trust your payment system?

We receive all your payments through PayPal, we also dot any credit card information. We work with many nursing students from various countries daily. 70% of them have promised to work with us on a long term basis because they trust our system.

Can I negotiate th price?

We have an automatic calculator that calculates your prices based on your specific requirements. However, our calculator is friendly and reasonable. furthermore, our esteemed customers will always enjoy endless discounts.

About our services:

Isn’t this academic dishonesty?

No, at all. we are well conversant academic dishonesty. This is like consulting a professional on your assignment. This like seeking help from a tutor to assist you to complete an assignment.

You do not have to use our paper as the final, you can use it to grasp the professional approach used by our experienced writers. Our paper can be an alternative resource for you.

Do you sell pre-written papers?

No. Our writers draft all the papers from scratch. Once a paper is delivered to you, we cannot submit it to someone else.

How do you select your writers?

We have a very rigorous selection, training, and mentoring process when hiring new writers. When you place an order with us, your writer is selected based upon the subject matter, academic level, and deadline. Be assured that any writer we use has both academic and real-world experience that more than qualifies them.