communication homework

Consider the following:

Miscommunication can occur for many reasons, including a lack of knowledge and/or understanding regarding the structure and rules of language. indeed, people from the same country, region, and even from the same family can experience this miscommunication resulting from language use. Take, for instance, the deaf community. Within the deaf community there are different variations of sign language. To the most common variations in the United States are: ASL and See-Sign.ASL: American Sign Language (Links to an external site.) SEE-Sign: Signing Exact English  (Links to an external site.)

Before participating in this discussion, read and view the following information:The Difference between ASL and English Sign Language (note the discussion regarding grammar here) (Links to an external site.) A discussion thread regarding the difference between the two Sign forms and why ASL is often preferred over SEE-Sign. (Links to an external site.) Video on the difference between the two languages (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions:Briefly, in one sentence and using your textbook readings for support, do you think ASL is a distinct language?  Why or why not? (quote needed) Briefly, in one sentence and using  your textbook readings for support, do you think SEE-Sign is a distinct language?  Why or why not?(quote needed)Imagine you live in a family where your sibling, a new little brother, was born deaf. Your family has to learn to communicate with his new family member. Do you all learn and ASL or SEE-Sign?Explain which language your family chooses.Explain the rationale for that choice.Explain potential problems that the choice may cause for your family and your new sibling.

Replies:Remember to offer at least 2 separate replies. A reply post is a response, just like in a normal conversation.  You can reply to a question/comment posted to you or comment on one of your classmate’s post.


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