BA250 Personal Finance

the following staement just needs a reply to please

Insurance plays a vital role in my financial situation. For example, having renters insurance will allow me to have coverage on some items in case of damage. An example would be my personal laptop fell, which cause it to be inoperable. My renters insurance covered the cost of a new laptop. Having insurance also covers medical issues, such as vision, dental and health care. This helps tremendously with out of pocket expenses. Having car insurance helps with towing, accidents and uninsured motorists and it also pays no matter who is at fault (Gitman, Joehnk, and Billingsley, 2011).

Some steps to better protect myself and/or reduce insurance cost are to first, shop around and compare insurance, second forgo unnecessary coverage, avoid duplicating coverage and being that my oldest son
is a teenager, and will be needing a car soon, look for discounts that are applicable to him. Some insurance
companies offer a discount for students with good grades, and my son has always maintained an A average.


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