Apply: Sales Analysis


Resources: Microsoft® Office Help and Training Other tutorials available online Week 3 video: “Excel 2016 Essential Training”

Read the following business scenario:

Your company has asked you to create a spreadsheet to analyze the following data. The data will be reviewed for top salespeople bonuses and commissions payments based on individual sales. Averages will be used to analyze month-over-month sales throughout the years.

Use the Sales Analysis Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet and apply formatting to accomplish the following:;filename=Week3-SalesAnalysisSample.JPG&Expires=1532127138&Signature=O8~ITaZI72R24FqpNPFpsDbMy-jqCCeW5D5BKSsh97WDkN~ix8w6qUI7G2EjigeNosnfGnCbv5kXJOeYzigQVMduiIcggQ7c~~QoTQzlSnvie6NjEV6rRcTQod5keJwdDRsz1YJ7e5yo7SS7poi0D6oZ8~NhxixCiynCNou2kqU_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJGHAFQEY6NSGTAWA

Calculate total sales using the SUM function. Calculate total sales for each quarter. (March, June, and September each represent a quarter.). A quarter is three months. Calculate average sales for each quarter to help determine 4th-quarter potential sales.  Highlight the top salesperson in each quarter.  Generate a Microsoft® Excel® chart or graph that displays the total sales by region to identify the highest and lowest selling regions. This chart should display the TOTAL sales (i.e., the sales for the complete year), per region. These “Total Sales” must include the fourth quarter as well, which you forecast as indicated above.
Insert a hyperlink to the company’s web page. (You can use any business web page for this example.) Please DO NOT –I repeat, do not– use Excel templates for this assignment. Change your spreadsheet to a page or print layout view to be sure it fits well on a printed 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Check the attached “SAMPLE” for design ideas.


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