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all questions that's doable please NIA 46% & 05:01 a0 皇 に 。 Homework ch 2-11 FINC 3310_version1.f – Saved A bond hes a par value of SI0, a cuen yield of 8.21 peroenL and semiasnod coapon paymenta. The bond is quted at 10357. Wht is the crapon rate of the hond A)S.2IN BI8.S C) 17.0IN E) 1642% 3D Navama, In. plans to iss neu zero coupon bonds with a por valae of S1000 o fund a tev project. The bonds wil have a YTM of 609 percent and mature in 15 years. If we aseme semianl compounding whe price will the honds sell Version 1 11 A)54119 BI S39036 CI S393.07 E S0662 2 You are considering punchasing sock in Canyon Echo. You kol the company will increse is divikend a 44 pencert indefinitely. The company jul paid a dividend of 53.29 and you feel that the required retum on the stock is 10.6 percent. What is the price per share of the compuy's stck? A) S31.0 BI S5S40 D) 55263 3) A stock carrently sells for S54 The dividnad yidd is 3.2 penct and the dividend growh rake is 4.5 percent. Whet is the anoe of the dividend that was just paid?


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