71. EU problems include: A. lack of funding. B. internal tariff reduction C. monetary union D. none

71. EU problems include:
A. lack of funding.
B. internal tariff reduction
C. monetary union
D. none of the above.

72. The European Monetary Union:
A. all of the following.
B. has taken monetary control away from the sovereign state.
C. eliminated the need for individual member-nation currencies.
D. has been successful for all who joined the EMU.

73. The United Nations’ Security Council was
established to:
A. consult on business safety issues, a bit like OSHA, but at the global
B. provide British citizens security in India, East Africa and other former
C. maintain international peace and security.
D. establish safe trade routes and protect sea-going vessels against

74. The EU may reject business acquisition of
businesses headquartered in nonmember nations because:
A. they are concerned about the power of American companies.
B. they are not European companies.
C. their merger could reduce competition in the market.
D. it could, but doing so didn’t matter.

75. Cooperative military and security agreements do not

76. The United Nations is, according to Scott,
A. a formal institution because it has a headquarters in New York City.
B. an effort by globalists to control trade.
C. an informal institution because compliance is based on social
D. a formal institution because it can enforce its resolutions and has the
power of sanctions.

77. The purpose of NAFA is:
A. to establish a forum for international monetary cooperation.
B. to legitimate illegal aliens.
C. to increase trade among member countries.
D. all of the above.

78. Which of the following is not included in
the membership criteria for the European Union?
A. must have a market economy.
B. must show evidence of respect for democracy.
C. must show evidence of respect for the protection of minorities.
D. must have a rising GDP.

79. The Uruguay Round refers to the:
A. 2000 world soccer competition.
B. International Monetary Fund negotiations with Uruguay.
C. GATT negotiations that began in Uruguay and created the WTO.
D. World Bank negotiations with Uruguay.

80. Prior to the Uruguay Round, GATT regulations
failed to fully cover:
A. agriculture.
B. services.
C. intellectual property.
D. all the above.


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